How It Works


Before you can stream video from the IU Webserve, you’ll have to open a Webserve account.

What is a Webserve account?

If you have a Webserve account, it means you have a dedicated sub-domain on one of IU’s servers (i.e.,,, etc.).

Your Webserve account provides you with front-end access to the streaming media server. See Digital Media Streaming on the IU Webmaster site for more information.

Who can open a Webserve account?

Any IU-affiliated department, group, or organization can request an account for the purposes of publishing information about the services they offer to our community. While this service is available to all IU-sponsored departments and groups, some sub-domains are not supported on Webserve. This does not affect the ability for those users to stream videos, however.

Student groups are also eligible for Webserve accounts. However, the account owner must be a full-time IU faculty or staff member who is ultimately responsible for the account and its management.

See General Account Information on the IU Webmaster site for more information.

Learn how to get started with Webserve video streaming, or ask us for more information.