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Connecting to a Conference on the IU Video Bridge
From an IU Cisco Telepresence Room, Videoconference Room, or Jabber Video (Movi)
  • Enter conference number.
  • Press “Call.”
From Microsoft Lync
  • In the “Type name or email address” field, type:  <conference number>
  • Right click on the resulting contact, and select “Make a Video Call” or “Call Contact on Communicator”

Note: Due to a video incompatibility issue, Mac Lync users will connect as audio-only.

  • 812-856-7060, then <conference number>#
Connecting from Outside of IU

Guests from outside IU may connect to a conference on the IU Video Bridge, but their connection method/options vary based on network and videoconferencing policies at their location, or even the manufacturer of the system they use. One or more of these connection options may work for your outside guests:

Conference Alias

From a Tandberg, Cisco C Series, Jabber Video (Movi):

  • <conference number>

From a Polycom or Lifesize system:

  •<conference number>
Global Dialing Scheme (GDS) E164 (typically, GDS dialing is only available to guests at other .edu institutions)
  • 0011439<conference number>
IP Address “Auto Attendant”
  1. Call
  2. Activate touch tones (typically by pressing the "#" key on your remote)
  3. Press: 1 to dial a conference number
  4. Enter <conference number>#,#
  • 812-856-7060, then <conference number>#