Help & Tutorials

Local Site Control

When participating in a videoconference, you can control both your own camera (the local site) and the camera on the other end (the remote site).

At your site, you can:

  • Set camera presets
  • Control video image layout
  • Select auxiliary cameras
Camera Presets
To set camera presets:
  1. Press the “Cancel” button to make the Tandberg menu disappear
  2. Steer your camera to the desired position using the arrow keys
  3. Press the “Presets” button
  4. Press and hold a number until you see the “Cam Position Stored” message
  5. When in a video call, press that number to snap the camera to its preset position
Video Image Layout
To control how images appear:

You can choose to display up to three video images, including the local camera video, the remote camera video, and computer video.

  1. Press layout to arrange the video images on your screen in one of four different window combinations
  2. If you see just one image, full, screen, press “Selfview” to see other images
  3. If you see a multiple-image layout, press “Selfview” to rotate images within the layout windows
Select Auxiliary Cameras
To select auxiliary cameras:

To choose a computer, DVD player, or other video feed, press the corresponding “Video Source” button on the remote.

If you need more help, contact the video help desk at (812) 856-2020 or ask us.