Getting Started

Starting a Meeting

While you'll probably need to reserve a room for your videoconference, actually initiating a videoconference is simple.

How to Call an Ad Hoc Conference on the IU Video Bridge
  1. Enter the service prefix 22 followed by the number of your choice (ex. 22-1234)
  2. Share the number with participants in other locations
  3. Connect
How to Connect to a Videoconference on Your Desktop Computer

You can connect to an impromptu meeting using either Lync or Jabber Video (Movi). However, if you need a high-definition picture, use Jabber Video (Movi). Lync is only capable of low definition imaging.

Using Lync
  1. In the Lync search field, type the conference number followed by
  2. Right click the resulting contact
  3. Select “start a video call”

A screenshot of Lync software.

Using Jabber Video (Movi)
  1. Enter the conference number in the Jabber Video (Movi) address bar
  2. Click the green "Start" button

A screenshot of Movi software.

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